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Most Famous Paintings by Australian Artists

Australia, with its humble people has produced many world class painters which the world look up to. A great number of notable painting from Australia relates to nature, thanks to its diverse range of habitats from alpine heaths to tropical rainforests, and is recognised as a megadiverse country. We listed 23 of the most famous paintings from Australian artists which I personally enjoyed because of its laid back and country feel. 1. Spring Frost - Elioth Gruner Spring Frost is an 1919 painting by the Australian artist Elioth Gruner. The painting depicts a small herd of dairy cows in the early morning. Gruner's most well-known painting, Spring Frost was awarded the Wynne Prize in 1919. Spring Frost was largely painted en plein air at Emu Plains—now an outer western suburb of Sydney but then a rural area—on the farm built by Isaac Innes and inherited by his son Jim Innes. It is Jim Innes in this painting with his cattle. Elioth Gruner's painting 'Morning Light&#

Most Famous Paintings by Russian Artists

Russia, aside from its brilliant architects and engineers who created magnificent building and structures, like St. Basil's Cathedral. This largest country in the world has produced many very talented and accomplished artists when it comes to visual arts.  In order to introduce you to Russia's great artworks, we made a list of the 19 most famous Russian painting that put a mark on history. Let's get started to be mesmerized... 1. The Vision to the Youth Bartholomew The Vision to the Youth Bartholomew (Russian: Видение отроку Варфоломею) is a painting by the Russian artist Mikhail Nesterov, the first and best known work in his series on Sergius of Radonezh, a medieval Russian saint. The painting illustrates an episode from "The Life of St. Sergius" by Epiphanius the Wise: One day his father sent him to seek for a lost foal. On his way he met a monk, a venerable elder, a stranger, a priest, with the appearance of an angel.   This stranger was standing