Ang Kiukok - Paintings Collection

"Last Supper"

Ang Kiukok (March 1, 1931 – May 9, 2005)
- was born in DavaoDavao ProvincePhilippine Islands to Vicente Ang and Chin Lim who were immigrants from XiamenChina. 

Ang Kiukok was the only son in his family and he had four sisters. He was originally meant to be named Ang Hua Shing ("Hua Shing" literally means "Chinese-born") but did not push through with the plan upon learning that his cousin was given the name by Kiukok's uncle.

“Cockerel” 1976, Watercolor on Paper

"Thinking Man" 1979, Watercolor on Paper


"Still Life - FISH", 1965. 

"Crucifixion", Oil on Canvas, 1969

"FISH", 1979.


"Troubled Man"

"Man on Fire"


"Red Door"

"Rosary Queen"


"Mother and children", 1992


"Yellow Table with Fruit"1976



"Mother and Child"2002

"Figure 43"1977